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FAQ Portable Buildings


How long will it take to get my building?

Our times depend on demand however an average wait time can be 1-2 weeks for off the lot inventory and between 3-5 weeks for a brand new custom build. 


What flooring is used? Hubber Performax 500 Flooring

PerformMAX panels are manufactured by blending precisely cut wood strands with advanced resin technology. The strands are then oriented in a four-layer process in which two core layers are oriented perpendicular to the two surface layers. A very durable resin-impregnated overlay is applied to the surface and the combination of strands then the overlay is pressed under high heat and pressure to form an extremely durable panel.


What siding is used? LP Smart Siding

The siding is the highest quality manufactured wood designed to be more weather and damage resistant to uphold the buildings structural integrity and overall eye catching appeal with bright long lasting colors that are resistant to fading. 

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